We are a Software House and Technology Consulting Firm

Supporting your business with the best software solution, Mobile app development, Web design & Development, Enterprise Resources Planning

We support local business in Oman since 2007

Our clients are our partners

We work for our clients to be their software wing providing mobile application development, web development, accounting systems, and company management software

In addition to mobile application development and web design, we provide solutions for:
Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Suppliers, Customer, Items, Dashboards, Property Management, Optics, Maintenance, Manufacturing


Transferring your business into digital business


Reducing the cost of operations, and increasing the results

Studying and Understanding

We study your business model, from supply to delivery of goods or services

Optimization and Enhancements

We optimize your current processes and define the best structure

Selection and Approach

Selection of the best approach to build, or to buy, or buy and customize


Our Services

Our services are focused on the software requirement of any business size from small shops and cafes to large enterprise and government organizations.

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Mobile Application Development

From design to publishing, building tailored, fast, and reliable mobile applications using the latest technologies.

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Web Design & Development

We have helped hundreds of clients to have their professional window to the world wide web

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Custom Made Solutions

Building custom made software require proper experience with software engineering

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Employees Management Solution

Manage all employees’ tasks from a central location, assign tasks, monitor tasks

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Customer Management Solution

With a Customer management system, you can manage the sales cycle from lead to invoice and payments

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ERP Cloud System

This solution can be implemented locally or on the cloud, it supports one branch or multiple branches

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Property Management Software

Al Aqaree consists of many advanced and integrated specialized subsystems, each

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Accounting & Inventory Software

Simply, Phenix is innovative accounting software that helps your business by organizing

Team Members

Our goal is to build a great business relation with our clients

A complete service

We are considered to be an extension to our clients' organizations and considered the in-house development team most of the time.

Team Experience
Time Accuracy
Customer Satisfaction


Recent Work

Here we list some of our projects and company news to keep you updated with what we are doing recently

Driving Digital Transformation: Implementing Project Management, ITIL, and SDLC at Muscat Municipality

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Customers Feedback

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The value of our work is related to the customers satisfaction

akram Abbas Avatar akram Abbas
January 17, 2021

علي عمر Avatar علي عمر
January 16, 2021

Best software company in Oman, trusted, professional and affordable cost

yazan Sammour Avatar yazan Sammour
January 16, 2021

akram Abbas Avatar akram Abbas
January 16, 2021