Project Description

Desktop Software that works online and offline


Simply, Phenix is innovative accounting software that helps your business by organizing, automating, facilitating, and monitoring all the warehousing, accounting, and administrating work within your business in whichever field you operate at.

Billing & Invoices

The Phenix system offers a predefined set of bill types such as purchase invoices, sales, sales return invoices, purchasing return invoices, negative and positive settlement…


The system offers ready accounts charts, in addition to the possibility of choosing an empty chart to build a special chart.

Tax support in Oman

Fully supports all Tax laws in Oman ( VAT – Selective Taxes)


The system enables the definition of an unlimited number of securities types with complete management of securities operations (collection, partial collection, endorsement, returns)


The program offers the possibility to define unlimited types of vouchers and the ability to select the fields to be displayed in the voucher.

Warehouse Management

Advance management of warehouses and material stock, transfer, receipt, suppliers management and reporting

Restaurants and Cafes

managing the restaurant orders from an easy interface, with the management of cost of raw material and recipes, restaurant orders, and multi-kitchens and multi-screens.


he system is designed to handle thousands of transactions and options for selling items with multiple units and scales.

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