Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System by Baramej is a very easy to use and
powerful system for managing your business.

From patient arrival till his departure HMS got you covered.

1- Appointment Booking

The calendar view is an excellent choice when it comes to the appointments.

  • You can see a full overview of the appointment schedules of your doctors.
  • Appointment cards are color coded based on the doctor.
  • A receptionist can easily book a new appointment.
  • After creating an appointment the receptionist can create and invoice and
    register the payment.
  • The doctor can see the patient’s previous history and encounters to get the
    full picture of his patient’s health.
  • In the new encounter, the doctor can log the patient’s symptoms, diagnose
    his illness and prescribe medicine.
  • The doctor can also perform paid treatments which will reflect on the
    patient’s bill.

2- Integration with medical devices

Hospital management system integrated with all medical devices available in hospitals

  • Integration with laboratory testing equipment
  • Integration with sonar and x-ray machines
  • Integration with patient number screens

3- Symptoms and diagnosis

you can show Patient record

  • The system contains a list of pre-defined symptoms and diseases based on
    International Classification of Diseases ICD.
  • System administrator can also add new symptoms and diseases.

4- Integration with pharmacies

you can save Symptoms and diagnosis

  • The Hospital management system provides the link with the medical center’s pharmacy.
  • There is an option to view all medicines in the Sultanate and the pharmacies that provide them.

5- Patient records management

  • You can view the list of registered patients and their profiles.
  • Receptionist can register a new patient’s data or during a reservation Appointment from the appointment form.

6- Reports

  • Reporting gives you insights on appointments, employees, and patients.
  • You can see how much revenue you made on daily basis. Or you can create
    your own reports using the pivot view.

6- Control panel

  • One of the most powerful feature of HMS is the dashboard.
  • The dashboard is based on excel spreadsheets and you can create any kind
    of reports that you can imagine.
  • The dashboard gives powerful insights and helps make better decisions.

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