Car rental system


All data will be recorded from the moment the car is booked for the customer until it is returned to the office.

1- Vehicle data

The system enables you to add all the cars available in the office

  • All vehicle data will be added (Make, Model, Year, …..)
  • You can add vehicle photos
  • A distinct pricing mechanism for each vehicle, according to the mechanism used in car rental offices.
  •  you can add all the data and documents of each vehicle in its own file
  • You can add the vehicle’s GPS ID number

2- Car booking

The system provides the ability to book one or more cars for the customer

  • You can add all customer data and even add a picture of his personal card
  • You can specify the date and time of picking up and returning the vehicle
  • After confirming the booking and the customer pickup the car, you can create a rental invoice to add the payments owed by the customer.

3- lease contracts

  • Upon completion of the vehicle booking process for the customer, the system gives you the ability to print the rental contract
  • The formatting of the lease contract is consistent with the formatting of the municipal contract
  • You can add any other form of the contract.

4- Integration with devices

  • The car rental management system provides the possibility of linking each car with its own GPS device
  • The car rental system supports printing rental contracts from any printer, including the Dot matrix printer.

5- Reports

  • Reporting gives you a clear view of the available rental cars.
  • You can see how much revenue you made on daily basis. Or you can create
    your own reports using the pivot view.

6- control panel

  • One of the most powerful feature of Car rental system is the dashboard.
  • The dashboard is based on excel spreadsheets and you can create any kind
    of reports that you can imagine.
  • The dashboard gives powerful insights and helps make better decisions.

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