Create your Digital Business Card

From design to publish

BCard is a Digital Business Card Maker. You can create your own digital vcard to attract your customers.

1- Create, share & get more customers

Register a new account, create your own digital business card, share your unique link and get more customers.

2- Save vCard

Visitor can save your phone number as vCard file format.

3- Services Listing

You can list your services with explanation content and enquiry button. This helps you for high chance to convert your visitor into business lead.

4- WhatsApp Enabled

You can enable and disable WhatsApp Chat Feature in your digital business card.

5- Social Media Links

Your all social media presence in one digital business card. Stay connect with your customers.

6- Google Maps Integration

You can display your shop / business location in google maps. Visitors can easily find you.

7- Google Business Integration

You can integrate your Google Business Link with your digital business card.

8- Payment Details

You can list your all accepted payment methods in your digital business card.

9- Business Hours

You can display your business opening hours. Your customer can easily understand when you are available.

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